• H

Course Length

Full Year

Course Credit


Grade Level

Juniors; H


Successful completion of Pre-AP Chemistry, Chemistry or Chemistry Honors + 80% on Biology Honors entrance test + Teacher Recommendation

Course Syllabus(For Reference Only)

This course focuses on the study of life by examining the five fundamental concepts of cellular biology, genetics, ecology, evolution and physiology. The scientific process and laboratory skills are emphasized along with biology’s connections to other scientific disciplines. Course instruction requires students to study and apply the experimental method, compose lab reports, engage in peer review with classmates, present lab results,and discuss special topics, including scientific ethics and historic experiments in the field of biology. Students learn scientific writing skills and also examine current biological issues while laboratory work is used to enhance the learning objectives as they learn how observations support major biological concepts. As a result of the increased rigor of the Honors course,students are required to demonstrate advanced skills in thinking logically and intuitively while exhibiting evidence of divergent and creative thinking in science. Topics are covered more in depth in comparison to the regular course and instruction is delivered at a faster pace.