College Statistics

2022 College Matriculation International & Domestic
Ranking* Name of College or University
3 Stanford University
7 University of Pennsylvania
18 Columbia University
20 University of California, Berkeley
25 University of Southern California
25 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
25 New York University
34 University of California, San Diego
38 University of California, Davis
44 Tulane University
44 Case Western Reserve University
55 University of Washington
77 Baylor University

* 2022 US News and World Report National Universities

Students Story

Tan Tingyue

Tan Tingyue, Stephanie, is from Chengdu and graduated in 2017. She was accepted to the School of Art and Architecture, Cornell University; School of Art Institute of Chicago; Purdue University; University of British Columbia; Pennsylvania State University; The Ohio State University; University of Wisconsin – Madison. Stephanie is an accomplished scholar and artist with a long history of contributing to her community through service in both China and the US. While at St. Mary's School, she has excelled academically while forging strong relationships with her teachers and fellow students. Stephanie plans to study how art, architecture, and the design of public spaces influence the lives of people living in cities. She hopes to fulfill her dream of constructing public places which enhance the people's lives.

Gu Yuhui

Gu Yuhui, Bob, class of 2018, came to SMS in grade 9, has been a member of the Robotics and math teams for several years, and has also participated in sports. He has been accepted to Cornell University in the engineering department! (US #10). His other acceptances; 25 University of Virginia; 37 Case Western Reserve University; 46 University of Wisconsin Madison; 42 UC San Diago; 18 Washington University in St. Louis.


Alicia Lu, a member of the class of 2019, was admitted to Harvey Mudd College, her dream school. News & World Report 2018 named Harvey Mudd "one of the best universities in the COUNTRY" and "one of the best undergraduate engineering schools." Harvey Mudd College is ranked 12th among American universities for its academic excellence and has the highest percentage of PHDS among American universities.

School also has many outstanding international students who have graduated, including:

  • University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, BA , Master of Science Student, Harvard University
  • Master degree in Information Systems Management and a master's degree in Project Management from Washington University, St. Louis, now a network engineer of Bosch
  •  Bryn Mawr College, BA Master of Science in Systems Engineering Student, University of Pennsylvania Santa Clara University, BA,PhD Student, The State University of New York