Our vision is to provide the highest-quality educational resources to international students with a comprehensive solution!

Challenges in Global Student Education

High rejection rate: 2023 Spring: 60%; 2023 Fall: 57.5% due to low English proficiency and low academic performance
Students were expelled or had to repeat a grade due to failing the previous year.
Some partner schools decided to reduce the international student enrollment number due to the low quality of international students.

International students in U.S. mainstream classrooms

  • Language is not comprehensible
  • Subject content is inaccessible
Grade-level subject content is missing in current ESL programs
Consistent positive exposure and meaningful interaction with native-English speaking peers and professional instructors are very limited in students' home country

School Overview

School Overview
Location Near Brown University, Saint Raphael Academy campus (Rhode Island); 10-minute drive to Brown University
Grade for 2023 Fall Season Grade 8 to Grade 10 (potential grade 7)
Target students international students who
  • failed to get offers from their target or top US secondary schools
  • are passionate about US education and have a strong motivation to learn and grow through US education system, but not linguistically nor academically ready for US high school.
  • are eager for a broader US authentic enrichment curriculum and effective English immersive environment to speed up language acquisition and, at the same time, build a strong academic foundation for the US. top secondary schools’ rigorous classes and beyond.
School’s hours follow Saint Raphael Academy’s school hours
Open Seats for 2023 Fall 15-30
Program Price /Academic Year (Cambridge Homestay fee included)
  • Annual Tuition and Residential Program Fee: $57,000
  • New Student Fees (Orientations, Computer Fee, I-20 Processing Fee): $2,750
  • Insurance: $1,699
  • Emergency & Contingency Fund: $2,000
Total: $63,449


Address:123 Walcott Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860

State:  Rhode Island

Airport:  Boston Logan International Airport (code: BOS)

Closest Major Cities:

  • Providence: 12-minute drive
  • Boston: one-hour drive
  • New York: four-hour drive

Closest Universities:

  • Brown University (#13 National University)
  • Rhode Island School of Design (#1 graphic design in US News ranking)
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Rhode Island

Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States, is also known as the "Ocean State." It has a temperate continental climate with four distinct seasons. With a coastline stretching 400 miles, no matter where you are in the state, there will be at most half an hour's drive. The state is also home to the mansions of some of American history's most famous historical figures. For example, the movie "The Great Gatsby" was filmed here.

Providence, the capital of Rhode Island, is home to one of the Ivy League schools, Brown University, and the Rhode Island School of Design, also known as the "Harvard of Design”. The city is also known for its vibrant artistic community and accepting culture. Walking through the city's streets, you can feel an academic and art atmosphere.

Saint Raphael Academy’s collegiate-style campus is located in the historic Quality Hill neighborhood of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The Academy is less than five miles from the state’s capital, Providence, and equally distant from the world-renowned Ivy League university, Brown University.

Modern Facility

The campus has eight buildings, including Alumni Hall, East Building, Joseph T. McHale Building, The White Building, Walker Building, Barbara Farley Hall, Coutu Theater, and the newest building which currently hosts the Campus Ministry Offices. The Academy is continuously renovating and remodeling buildings each fall, and they have the newest high school gym and theater in the state. Cafeterias have also been remodeled in the last five years.

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Modern Facility

The campus is comprised of eight primary buildings, much like a college campus, that include:

  1. Alumni Hall: Athletic facilities, meeting spaces, and athletic trainer’s office
  2. East Building: Classrooms, offices, tech center, and a cafeteria
  3. Joseph T. McHale Building: Administrative offices
  4. The White Building: Guidance offices, tech center, and the student center
  5. Walker Building:  Physics, biology, and chemistry classrooms/labs and a cafeteria
  6. The Barbara Farley Hall: Computer lab, art rooms, and music rooms
  7. Coutu Theater: 300-seat, state-of-the-art performance space and 1,600 square foot art gallery
  8. Campus Ministry Building: Newest on campus

Renovations and Additions

The academy is continually undertaking construction, remodeling, and renovating projects across our eight-building campus. Each fall, students return to find improvements, including ceilings, floors, paint, furniture, and energy-efficient lighting. We are the proud owners of the newest high school gym and theater in the state! Lastly, both cafeterias were entirely remodeled in the last five years.

A Century of Prestige

St. Mary's School is a century-old famous school founded in 1865. It is NO.1 Best Catholic High School in Oregon in 2020 and the first Confucius Classroom granted by HANBAN in North America.

Recognized by Cognia, the world well-known school certification body

Cognia is an international accrediting agency which uses research-based standards to review school performance, ensuring all schools accredited by the agency offer the highest quality of education with the most cutting-edge approaches.

STEM Strengths

The two robot teams (C4 and TNT) of the St. Mary's School both entered the world-class robot championship the Pioneer Technology Challenge (FIRST). This is the only school on the West Coast of the United States that has two teams selected.

Overall Niche Grade A+

Niche independently collects, analyzes, and summarizes data to lend insight into our overall performance as an institution. We have consistently earned an A+ rating over the years, earning a ranking of #1 Best Catholic High Schools, #2 Best Boarding School, and #3 Best Private school out of 100,000 schools.

why choose us

Dual enrollment guaranteed transfer admission to the top 100 U.S. high schools

Core courses and instructors from St. Mary’ School; electives and extracurricular activities from Saint Raphael Academy offer students guaranteed admissions to St. Mary’ School (Niche ranking #98 US boarding school) after at least one year of study in the program with a GPA of at least 3.0.

Save time & seamlessly transfer to the top U.S. high schools

Rising 8th to 10th graders will not need to repeat the grade when they enroll in SMS-BOSTON. Students will get St. Mary's credits and official transcripts, which are recognized by all US schools. After at least one year of study in the program, students can transfer to any other U.S. high school.

Protect GPA in core courses; effectively develop subject content and skills while enhancing academic English proficiency

Core courses (English, Math, Social Science and Science)’ rigorous content is comprehensible and accessible for international students, ensuring excellent GPA and laying a foundation for future high school transfers and college applications to prestigious universities.
Students practice and apply their subject knowledge and academic English without fear of making errors and seeking clarification daily. This equips students with independence and problem-solving skills

English Immersion Environment,a wide variety of electives and extracurricular activities activities

Join domestic students in electives and extracurricular activities. Electives include photography, digital art, band, and many other course options.
Acquire English by interacting with English-speaking professional scholars in all phases of school life and domestic peer students on a daily basis. 

Excellent Location

The campus is located in Rhode Island, one of the most developed, safest states. The location provides convenient access to daily facilities, with beaches and famous attractions scattered around the area.
The excellent learning environment is close Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design; only about one hour’s drive from downtown Boston, a renowned education hub with some of the best-raking universities and ~100 educational institutions; very convenient to visit top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Boston University, and Wellesley College, etc.

International Students Support

Academic reports are provided to parents to keep them informed of their child's academic progress promptly. We will help students understand the social, cultural, and academic differences and prepare them for academic success by providing advisory workshops on American education, academic integrity, social norms, school culture, study skills, and academic planning.

CSIET Accredited Homestay & Comprehensive Support Service System

Our safe, comfortable, caring supervised homestay services accredited by International Educational Travel (CSIET). Majority of the education advisors have graduated from world-renowned schools with professional degrees in education, psychology, ESL (English as a Second Language), or were teachers in American universities and schools. Each is well-versed in international students’ needs. In the past 13 years, we have served 10,000+ families with over four million combined days of student safety

Free Cambridge C.A.R.E. Online Courses

Specially designed for international students, the leadership cohort & soft skills Courses involve improving students' academic and social skills and teaching students how to manage their emotions. It helps students adapt to life in the U.S., cultivates them to become lifelong learners, and achieve personal growth with a global vision.