• AP

Course Length

Full Year

Course Credit


Grade Level

Juniors & Seniors; AP


A grade of B or better in AP Physics I OR Successful completion of Biology or Biology Honors + 90% on Physics Honors entrance test OR verified score of 3 or higher on AP Physics I exam + Teacher Recommendation (Can be taken concurrently with Biology or Biology Honors as an elective credit) (Students who have fulfilled the prerequisite of a B or better in AP Physics I or a verified score of 3 or higher on AP Physics I are exempted from the PhysicsHonors entrance test)

Course Syllabus(For Reference Only)

In this course, students cultivate their understanding of physics through inquiry-based investigations as they explore topics such as fluids; thermodynamics; electrical force, field, and potential; electric circuits; magnetism and electromagnetic induction; geometric and physical optics; and quantum, atomic, and nuclear physics. Course instruction helps students develop a deep understanding of the foundational principles that shape classical mechanics. By confronting complex physical situations or scenarios, this course is designed to enable students to develop the ability to reason about physical phenomena using important science practices, such as explaining relationships, applying and justifying the use of mathematical routines, designing experiments, analyzing data, and making connections across multiple topics within the course. As a result of the increased rigor of this AP course, students are required to demonstrate advanced skills in thinking logically and intuitively while exhibiting evidence of divergent and creative thinking in science. Topics are covered more in depth in comparison to the regular course and instruction is delivered at the fastest pace.