Course Length

Full Year

Course Credit


Grade Level

Sophomores, H


Successful completion of Pre-AP English I with a grade of B or better OR a grade of B+ or better in English 9 Honors OR a grade of A or better in English 9+ 1000 Lexile Score on English Honors entrance test + Teacher Recommendation

Course Syllabus(For Reference Only)

This course builds on the foundation of Pre-AP English I. Students learn important recursive moves in preparation for the challenges of college-level reading, writing, and discussion. While Pre-AP English 1 introduces the fundamental routines of close observation, critical analysis, and appreciation of author’s craft, Pre-AP English 2 requires students to apply those same practices to a new host of nonfiction and literary texts. As readers, students develop a vigilant awareness of how the poet, playwright, novelist, and writer of nonfiction alike can masterfully manipulate language to serve their unique purposes. As writers, students compose more nuanced analytical essays without losing sight of the importance of well-crafted sentences and a sense of cohesion. Students focus on reading closely and analyzing a range of complex literary and informational texts, valuing textual evidence and incorporating it effectively in writing and speaking, and understanding how writers and speakers use specific words and sentences to move the thoughts, emotions, and actions of readers and listeners. As a result of the increased rigor of this Pre-AP course, students read more texts than the regular and honors courses and instruction is delivered at the fastest pace.