Genius Labs

Thomas Edison has a famous saying, "Genius is 1% inspiration plus 99% sweat", the efforts and diligence acquired are very important and valuable. St. Mary's Genius Labs is now open to all St. Mary's students! You are welcome to join the Genius Labs to improve your GPA, learn professional IEE courses for free, and make your spoken English more authentic and professional, so that you will have more strength and confidence when applying for top universities abroad in senior!

Model United Nations

The topic of the Model United Nations is to narrow gender differences and promote gender equality in education. Representatives of 11 national groups and more than 30 St. Mary's students attended and spoke.

After many fierce English debates, the French group represented by the students from St. Mary’s Pinghu Campus, the South African group and Brazilian group represented by the students from Shenzhen Campus won the final victory. Their excellent performance received the warmest applause and recognition, congratulations to all students!

Online Events

Online Graduation Ceremony

Wonderful online interactive activities across the international campuses,enrich students' academic life.

Provide Various Winter and Summer Academic Camps

"Unlock Your Potential". Cultivate interdisciplinary talents with global competitiveness!
High Emotional IQ

Learning skills & Social Emotional Skills

  • GPA Management
  • Time Management
  • Effective Note-taking Methods
  • Test Preparation Skills
  • Plagiarism and Quotation
  • Academic Writing and Research Methods
  • Critical Thinking
  • Set SMART Goals
  • Cultural and Affective Cognition
  • Communication
  • Physical/Mental Health
  • Human Relations Establishment and interpersonal relationship maintenance
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Tenacity/Perseverance
  • Anti-bullying
  • Stress Management


The number of students in the first year exceeded 150
Students create their own online journal "Webazine"
Diverse international staff, 86% hold advanced degrees in their content area (Scan the code to meet SMOA teachers)
Online academic competitions, Model United Nations, virtual experiments, etc.

Jenny's whole experiment process (Scan the code to watch)

Chris‘ whole experiment process (Scan the code to watch)
Provide personalized English elective courses and enhance students' English level (Scan the code for more information)
Extracurricular clubs: Poetry, forensic science, debate, K-pop Club (Scan the code for more information)
- Excellent student leadership organizations such as St. Mary's Student Union
- Diverse students from China, South Korea and Vietnam