Learning on St Mary’s Online Academy Questions & Answers

After payment You and Your parent should join the Wechat group that your learning coach creates.
After payment Confirm your information:
1) Your basic information
2) Course name:
3) Your and your parents’ email address
Pre-class training Join one of the Schoology, Teams and Jupiter training sessions (required):
One week before school starts 1) Make sure you have a Schoology account that is working and add all the courses;
2) Make sure you know how to use Schoology to complete the course work;
3) Make sure you know how to use Teams to log into the live class sessions.
4) Make sure you and your parents have a Jupiter account and can look for the information you need.
One week before school starts Receive information about:
1) Class schedules with Teachers’ Name and Teacher Assistants’ Name.
2) Check teams for live class sessions and Teams Handbook.
3) Schoology Access code to your course and Schoology Handbook.
When school starts Join your live class sessions on Teams according to the course schedule.
After school starts 1) Attend the live class sessions on time;
2) Actively participate in discussions;
3) Follow ground rules;
4) Check your attendance and assignment feedback on Jupiter/Schoology/Teams;
5) Ask for help in class or via email when needed.
  1. Please check:
    1) the same email account you used when filling out the registration form;
    2) the spam box
  2. If neither of the above works, then email your learning coach.
Attendance, participation, all reviewed text, quizzes, in class work, unit tests, final exams, and projects are counted. It is the same as the evaluation of regular class in school
  1. Your attendance and participation are key to your success in the class. Please make your plans around the schedule and try not to miss any class. If there are very special reasons, please ask for your teacher’s approval at least 24 hours before the class that you are going to miss.
  2. You should watch the class recording and complete the assignments if you have to miss a class.
  1. Please continuously log into your Jupiter account to check your kids’ progress
  2. Please assist and remind your kid to join the class and submit homework
  3. Please make sure and monitor your kid’s participation to the class, also help to create the suitable environment for you kid to join the class, including computer, internet, quiet and single room, etc.