Learning Coaches

Ensure the Effect of Online Learning

Learning Coaches

In order to help students' learning effect, each student is equipped with a bilingual Learning Coach to help solve academic or technical challenges, and to help students and teachers communicate more smoothly. At the same time, bilingual learning coach is also an important part of home-school communication, relying on the advantages of bilingualism to report students' academic status to parents in a timely manner.

Check the student's academic progress every week

Collect questions from parents and students, and give feedback to the teacher in time to monitor the progress and academic performance of students

Hold a virtual meeting with students every two weeks and write a bi-weekly report that covers students' academic progress, social and emotional skills, and personal development goals

Share reports with parents, and make phone calls with parents every two weeks to discuss students' progress


Duties of SMOA Learning Coach
Student Reminder (Daily) Three-step reminder: one day in advance, 30 minutes in advance, and confirm during class
Live Class Support (Daily) Live class synchronously online, roll call, solve emergencies
Parent Report (Daily) Report: the content of the biweekly report: attendance (selfstudy/live), homework completion, academic progress
Communication among three parties Assist the instructor, parents and students in emergency communication, translation is needed.
Homework/classwork inspection (Daily) Check and remind students of their academic progress together with teachers, homework/classwork submission and urge the students to read the teacher's feedback
Students’ hotline Answer work phone calls and reply to work WeChat as soon as possible