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St. Mary School Online Academy (SMOA) is a global online learning platform by St. Mary's School, a century-old American institution, who’s excellence has transcended time and has grown to bring authentic American high school education to Asian countries like China, South Korea, Vietnam, etc. SMOA has the same American curriculum system as St. Mary's School, top American foreign teachers, professional bilingual learning coaches, strong teaching management and grading system, truly connecting China and the United States, seamless connection. In addition to the standard American high school diploma courses, AP credit courses, STEM courses, language support courses, etc., SMOA also offers the most American-style winter and summer academic camps during the winter and summer vacations, which provides more opportunities for students to improve their abilities and earn U.S. high school credits. All courses are taught online by experienced American teachers in the Asian time zone and provide official transcripts from St. Mary's School in the United States, as well as American high school credits and graduation certificates recognized by American universities, which greatly improves students' academic competition.
2023-2024 School Year
Season Time Recruiting Time
American High School Diploma Course Fall Season TBD TBD
Spring Season TBD TBD
SMOA Summer School 1st Session 2023.6.26 - 2023.8.4 Deadline: 2023.6.12
2nd Session 2023.7.10 - 2023.8.18 Deadline: 2023.6.26
UMGC/St. Mary’s Dual Enrollment Program Summer Season 1 2023.5.17 - 2023.7.11 (8 weeks) Deadline: 2023.4.17
Summer Season 2 2023.6.14 - 2023.8.8 (8 weeks) Deadline: 2023.5.15


Whether you have just received admission to an American high school, or you are already enrolled in an American high school and want to improve your academic ability, improve your GPA, make up or retake credits, or you are interested in American ability courses and want to cultivate your interest, SMOA has an elite American foreign teacher team to customize the most suitable online courses for you:

Students who want to broaden their future academic options

Students who have attended the American high school with above average academic strength or limited access to on-campus AP courses

Students studying in overseas high schools who need to improve their GPA

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High school students already studying in the US can apply directly without taking an exam or interview.
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