St. Mary School Online Academy (SMOA) is a global online learning platform by St. Mary’s School, a century-old American institution, who’s excellence has transcended time and has grown to bring authentic American high school education to Asian countries like China, South Korea, Vietnam, etc. SMOA has the same American curriculum system as St. Mary’s School, top American foreign teachers, professional bilingual learning coaches, strong teaching management and grading system, as well as the official transcripts and diplomas of St. Mary’s School that are recognized by universities in the United States and around the world. 41% of SMOA graduates are admitted to TOP 50 universities and 81% to TOP 100 universities, including New York University, University of California Irvine, University of California Davis and other prestigious universities, as well as world-class universities and top art institutions such as King’s College London, University of Exeter, University of Waterloo, etc.

A Century of Prestige

St. Mary's School is a century-old famous school founded in 1865. It is NO.1 Best Catholic High School in Oregon in 2020 and the first Confucius Classroom granted by HANBAN in North America.

Recognized by Cognia, the world well-known school certification body

Cognia is an international accrediting agency which uses research-based standards to review school performance, ensuring all schools accredited by the agency offer the highest quality of education with the most cutting-edge approaches.

STEM Strengths

The two robot teams (C4 and TNT) of the St. Mary's School both entered the world-class robot championship the Pioneer Technology Challenge (FIRST). This is the only school on the West Coast of the United States that has two teams selected.

Overall Niche Grade A+

Niche independently collects, analyzes, and summarizes data to lend insight into our overall performance as an institution. We have consistently earned an A+ rating over the years, earning a ranking of #1 Best Catholic High Schools, #2 Best Boarding School, and #3 Best Private school out of 100,000 schools.


360° Comprehensive Hard-core Advantages to Help Students Pursue Higher Dreams

100% authentic US education with standard US curriculum by grade/subject

Online classes will be delivered live in Asia time zone.

Seniors can graduate with US high school diploma.

Opportunity to study onsite AND online in home country.

Students are assigned a bilingual learning coach.

Study a full AP Curriculum in Grades 11 and 12.

All credits are issued through St. Mary’s, Oregon in the US.Fully transferrable credits for the courses they take to our U.S. partner schools.

We create an online community throughout our campuses but holding monthly cross campus competitions and other activities.

Significant cost savings over American tuition levels.

Our experience teaching 1000 kids K-12 more than 50 subjects online.


AP Biology

This course is aligned to the College Board AP Biology Curriculum Framework and is based on four Big Ideas, which encompass core scientific principles, theories, and processes that cut across traditional boundaries and provide a broad way of thinking about living organisms and biological systems. Investigations require students to ask questions, make observations and predictions, design experiments, analyze data, and construct arguments in a collaborative setting, where they direct and monitor their progress.
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Filmmakers Wanted-Visual Storytelling

This is a hands-on course and students will be applying in-class addressed techniques in various capacities: as a producer, director, editor, and cinematographer etc.. It can develop or improve student’s storytelling skills within the medium film and content organization skills of storytelling and visualization skills via storyboarding. Student also can acquire narrative and documentary basic filming and editing skills, incl. perspective, angle, continuity, etc. to provide context and direct emphasis in visual story telling.

Selecting An Online Institution

Online education is the way of the future. Many high schools and universities around the world are requiring students to take at least one online course to qualify for graduation; hence, acknowledging the importance of building familiarity with this way of learning (Mayadas et. al, 2009). Online education allows for educators to cater to the individual needs of students, both academically and from a social-emotional lens (Sun & Chen, 2016). Below are a few items to consider when looking to enroll in a fully online institution:


5 Things to Consider When Enrolling in an Online Institution

1. Is the school regionally accredited?

A school should be accredited, meaning it has been recognized as an institution that meets basic academic standards for rigor, quality of teaching, and opportunity for students. Common accreditation agencies include Cognia (formerly AdvancEd), Middle States Association, New England Association, Western Association…


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