Genius Labs

Edison has a famous saying, "Genius is 1% inspiration plus 99% sweat", the efforts and diligence acquired are very important and valuable. Since September 13th, KL St. Mary’s Genius Labs has been officially opened, and all students of St. Mary's Campus can participate in it! Welcome to join the Genius Labs, enhance your academic achievement, and forge your extraordinary!

01 What Is Genius Labs?

Free and various after-class academic support services for foreign teachers

As we know,St. Mary's Global campus has a relatively fixed Office Hour, which is a good opportunity for students to communicate with teachers of various subjects outside the classroom. Genius Labs is an infinitely enhanced version of Office Hour:

St. Mary’s Genius Labs is committed to helping students to make up for academic shortcomings, consolidate and strengthen their progress, and pursue academic excellence through free after-school tutoring and academic support from excellent subject teachers. Genius Labs is also a good opportunity for many students with unsatisfactory scores to overtake corners.

02 What Does Genius Labs Tutoring?

Improve all subjects, TOEFL level, strengthen oral English

Genius Labs covers professional tutoring for all subject courses and International English Enhancement (IEE) courses, which can fully meet students' various academic needs.

Joining Genius Labs will not only help to significantly improve the GPA of all subjects and make the transcript more excellent. At the same time, you can also learn free but extremely professional IEE courses to help you speak English more authentic and professional. From a long-term perspective, it will help students become more strength and confidence when they apply to top universities abroad in senior.

At the same time, in addition to Genius Labs, SMOA has also offered TOEFL Club. Students who want to ask for help in TOEFL courses or exams are welcome to join our TOEFL Club!

03 How to Take Genius Labs

Weekly opening hours and subject arrangement for Genius Labs

Starting from September 13 this week, Genius Labs has been officially opened to all St. Mary's campuses. Students can go to class to ask for help when they encounter difficulties in assignments, there are knowledge points that are not understood in class, or want to have academic discussions with teachers.

Every Monday to Thursday, look forward to your online ~ (Note: to join in IEE courses, you need to apply to the Dean in advance, subject courses can be directly booked or scan the code to join.)

The Day of The Week
4:10-5:00 PM
Science & Math
4:10-5:00 PM
Science & Math
Tuesday (Need Appointment)
2:00-2:55 PM
English & Social Science
4:10-5:00 PM

04 What about Genius Labs?

Academic support benefited students, greatly praised by their parents

When the epidemic was raging in 2020, face-to-face tutoring and communication at school became a hope. Genius Labs was born with this dilemma. It not only solved students' academic anxiety and questions in a timely manner, but also made it possible for more high-quality teachers to join in online.

How is the tutoring provided by Genius Labs, which has been running for the entire school year? Students and parents have the most say. In a survey on SMOA, many parents said that online after-class tutoring provides a very convenient communication channel between teachers and students, which is a good supplement and reinforcement for classroom teaching; some parents think that foreign teachers are very serious and responsible, with high efficiency in dealing with problems and strong interaction; there are also a lot of parents who said that through this form,the children's oral English proficiency has been greatly improved, and the motivation to learn is stronger!

Every Monday to Thursday, patient and professional foreign teachers will answer your questions in Genius Labs. Come and join the Genius Labs to improve your academic achievement!