College Counselling

St. Mary's School is a century-old elite school. The teachers and the college counselling team are very familiar with the admission requirements of colleges and prestigious universities in United States and other countries, and they also know what each student should prepare for applying to colleges. SMOA's understanding of new trends in college admissions can be of great help to our students.

The SMOA college counselling service can guide students to better understand themselves, conduct university and professional exploration, help students plan their careers, make the best choices on the way to higher education, and formulate reasonable phased plans to achieve their goals.


General Education

It is necessary for every student to have a general understanding of educational concepts and become a lifelong learner.

Individualized Education

Every student has their own strengths and expertise, and they are all worthy of being guided to become a better version of themselves.

Holistic Education

In addition to the mastery of knowledge and the improvement of ability, students can enhance their sense of mission to the society, love themselves and others.

Expertise on the basis of their self-cognition, apply to the most suitable university, and fully prepare for university study and future career and life. To ensure that all graduates are admitted to world-class universities on the premise that students successfully complete the required courses in high school. In addition to helping students deal with the complex university application process and tracking their application progress, we provide students with more college counselling services and information:

  • All-round on-campus college counselling
  • One-on-one meetings and consultations
  • Annual College Fair and Admissions Officer Sharing Session
  • Periodic Lectures
  • Documents, community service and other guidance workshops