• H

Course Length

Full Year

Course Credit


Grade Level

Sophomores; H


Successful completion of Integrated Science or Integrated Science Honors + 80% on Chemistry Honors entrance test + Teacher Recommendation

Course Syllabus(For Reference Only)

This course focuses on exploring the fundamental principles of chemistry which characterize theproperties of matter and how it reacts. Topics include measurement and calculations, matter, atoms, arrangement of electrons in an atom, periodic law, chemical bonding, chemical equations and reactions, stoichiometry, states of matter, gases, solution, acids and bases, kinetics, and organic chemistry. Each week, students spend time in a laboratory setting developing skills in measurement, observation, documentation, critical thinking and hypothesis formation. Students will be expected to record their observations, draw conclusions, and interpret data, and also work collaboratively and independently on projects that require deductive skills, computation, research andanalysis. A basic knowledge of the metric system, unit- analysis, algebra and variable isolation, spatialsense, squareroots, fractions, decimals, graphdevelopment and graph analysis is expected. As a result of the increased rigor of the Honors course, students are required to demonstrate advanced skills in thinking logically and intuitively while exhibiting evidence of divergent and creative thinking in science. Topics are covered more in depth in comparison to the regular course and instruction is delivered at a faster pace.