• MATH
  • H

Course Length

Full Year

Course Credit


Grade Level

Freshmen; H


Successful completion of Grade 9 General Placement Test + 90% on the math portion of the Grade 9 General Placement test + Teacher Recommendation

Course Syllabus(For Reference Only)

This course is designed to provide students with a meaningful conceptual bridge between algebra and geometry to deepen their understanding of mathematics. Students are expected to use the mathematical knowledge and skills they have developed previously to problem solve across the domains of algebra and geometry. Course content focuses on training students to make connections among multiple representations by representing mathematical concepts in a variety of forms and moving fluently among the forms, to create and use mathematical models to understand and explain authentic scenarios, and to engage in mathematical argumentation by using evidence to craft mathematical conjectures and prove or disprove them. As a result of the increased rigor of the Honors course, students are required to demonstrate advanced skills in thinking logically and intuitively while exhibiting evidence of divergent and creative thinking in mathematics. Topics are covered more in depth in comparison to the regular course and instruction is delivered at a faster pace.