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St. Mary Online Academy

St. Mary School Online Academy (SMOA) is a global online learning platform by St. Mary's School, a century-old American institution, who’s excellence has transcended time and has grown to bring authentic American high school education to Asian countries like China, South Korea, Vietnam, etc. SMOA, headquarters of St. Mary’s School in the United States, and the 10 campuses in China are interlinked and seamlessly connected to the traditional American education management system. This means students have access to the standard American curriculum American student grading system, American teachers and staff, and standard American high school courses, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses, language support courses, core cultural courses, STEM courses, and more, which are offered online and taught by experienced American teachers in China Standard Time. St. Mary Online Academy, while providing excellent online education, organizes weekly soft skills enhancement workshops —“Unlock Your Potential”, and dependent on location there will also be monthly onsite activities. Depending on their needs, students can choose online learning only or combined offline-onsite learning. Ultimately, students can earn American credits, receive transcripts, and diplomas from St. Mary’s School, all of which are recognized by all American universities, greatly improving students’ academic competitiveness and facilitating their admission to higher education. SMOA has built a strong, professional, and experienced bilingual tutoring team, to complement its academic staff and family education consultant team for students and parents. This provides students comprehensive and one-to-one academic guidance with family education services to nurture students and helps parents become a part of the process of identifying and resolving issues and difficulties. St. Mary’s School’s wealth of experience has allowed the school to develop SMOA with student needs in mind and in accordance with student-centric approaches. Additionally, the program provides a one-stop solution for students and parents interested in international education and brings the authentic American high school experience to thousands of students to help them achieve their dreams!

SMOA Online Help for Academic Success

Quickly earn U.S. high school credits, improve GPA scores, and prepare for entering first-class universities


  • High school credits accredited by USA, recognized by U.S. universities and high schools
  • Pure U.S. high school class,excellent small class of 5-10 people, strong interaction + good learning atmosphere
  • Classes in Asian time, multi-period courses in winter and summer vacations, apply for classes at any time, convenient and flexible
  • AP and regular courses with real materials and real class hours, surpassing any similar competing classes on the market.
  • Equipped with bilingual learning coaches to track students' learning dynamics and communicate feedbacks on a regular basis.


  • More than 86% of the teachers hold master's or doctor's degrees, with an average teaching experience of 5 years.
  • Elite AP teacher team trained by College Board.
  • All teachers have passed strict background checks in the United States and are safe and secure.
  • Outstanding students can be provided with the letter of recommendation from American teachers.

SMOA Online Course


Advantage 1

U.S. High School Transcripts and Diplomas with High Value

  • SMS official transcripts are recognized by all universities in the United States
  • Obtain the Diploma from US Top High School Without Going Abroad, Apply Directly to Ivy League Universities!
Advantage 2

Strong Team of Teachers

The professional foreign teacher team of SMOA is selected by St. Mary's School in the United States. All teachers have the teacher qualification certificate, and foreign teachers have an average of more than five years of teaching experience with rich online teaching experience.
Advantage 3

Effective Supervision to Ensure the Effect of Online Learning

Each student is escorted with a bilingual learning coach to solve academic or technical challenges,directly report the student's academic performance to their parents in a timely manner.
Advantage 4

US Curriculum Standard and US Education System

All courses abide by the syllabus, student scoring system and standards of St. Mary's School in the United States, while SMOA combines different learning systems: Schoology, Zoom and Jupiter to provide effective learning content management.
Advantage 5

A Full US High School Curriculum

Relying on the top teachers and educational resources of St. Mary's School in the United States, SMOA provides 20+ authentic US high school courses, ranging from general courses to AP courses to meet the different needs of students. A variety of AP courses allow students to challenge their areas of interest, improve their overall GPA, demonstrate their academic potential and highlight the competitiveness of applying for prestigious universities.
Advantage 6

Winter and Summer Academic Camps

AP Courses (AP English Language and Composition, AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, etc.) Regular Courses (English and Composition I, English and Composition II, English Language Acquisition I, etc.) Featured Courses (Animation Design Production, Film Production, Interior Design, etc.)
Advantage 7

Individualized Education, Meet Personalized Learning Needs

To meet the needs of students of different academic levels, we provide different course combinations and study plans. We offer full course combinations at different levels to enhance the academic competitiveness of all students. At the time of admission, one-to-one interviews will be conducted according to the students' situation, courses will be arranged according to the level and needs of the students, and professional suggestions will be provided by US teachers.

Mr. Frank Phillips

Principal of St. Mary’s School

Principal Frank Phillips graduated from Brown University, an Ivy League school in the United States,with a bachelor’s degree in English and an associate degree in Latin, and a master’s degree in business from Mendoza School of business at the University of Notre Dame. He has extensive school accreditation experience in the field of public and private schools,and holds the positions of president and vice president of many authoritative education committees and institutions in the United States.

Principal Frank Phillips has been at St. Mary’s School for more than 30 years and has led many exciting revolutions, such as the transformation of St. Mary School to a “Modularized System” of seven semesters, offering more than 300 diverse courses for students to choose from. Under his leadership, St. Mary School has become a first-class private elite school with reputation in the United States and even the world. In order to bring more students from all over the world into the St. Mary’s system for better education opportunities, Principal Frank Phillips has put the world’s leading St. Mary’s philosophy into international cooperation education. He believes international students bring a new educational perspective to the American high school curriculum.

“As the principal of St. Mary’s School, I am pleased to welcome students and their families to the SMOA program. St. Mary’s School has been a leader in education field for more than 150 years. Since 2005, we have successfully cultivated many international students on our campus in Medford, Oregon, USA and on our international campus. We focus on a strong curriculum system and know how to adapt the curriculum and our teaching methods to meet the needs of English learners. We also have many years of college counseling experience and expertise in helping our international students apply to the top 50 universities in the United States. Our students will benefit from a high quality, pure American high school curriculum provided by outstanding American teachers and be well prepared for college. We look forward to welcoming you to the St. Mary’s family!”

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